Best Ground Coffee: Our Top 10 Picks of 2023

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We tested more than a dozen products and found Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee to be the best ground coffee overall. It’s a light roast that’s smooth and delicious without the strong aftertaste of most brews. 

Light-roast coffee is renowned for its acidity, but this brand has a low acid content that doesn’t overshadow the flavor. Accordingly, it’s the best coffee for people with acid reflux.

The only drawback is the expensive price which is justifiable considering the beans are hand-selected for that full-bodied taste.

This list will provide you with the best ground coffee on the market. Without much fanfare, let’s get started!

Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee

We love the extra smooth flavor of this coffee that doesn’t leave that charred aftertaste lingering in the mouth. The taste is mellow without feeling watered down, and it’s evident at the first instance of the painstaking efforts to reduce the beans’ acidity. 

The aroma is enticing and delicious, with a well-rounded flavor that’s bold without feeling overpowered. 

Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee is sourced from the Nicaraguan mountains. This region has the widest variety of Arabica beans and is grown under the most ethical standards. The coffee thrives at high altitudes, influencing the richness, texture, and flavor. 

Moreover, this coffee is carefully handpicked, sundried, and washed with the purest spring waters. It’s high-quality premium coffee with zero exposure to harmful chemicals, pesticides, and other ingredients that can affect the purity of these wholesome beans. 

More importantly, this Arabica bean is the best choice for people with gastric discomfort, teeth issues, and a sensitive stomach. Coffee has a natural acidity that can cause health issues, but this product is grown and processed to produce low-acid great-tasting coffee. 

The light roast works excellently as a cold brew, and it’s one coffee that’s best enjoyed without sugar or cream.

The fantastic taste of this gourmet coffee doesn’t come cheap, and we’d be happier if the pricing were a little lower. However, this doesn’t detract from a fantastic ground coffee, and Lifeboost gives you the option of ordering yours in a classic burlap sack.

Volcanica Coffee Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling is famous for its delightful aroma, heavy body, exotic flavor, and rich texture. The beans aren’t bitter, and the intense earthy richness and syrupy taste will delight anyone’s palate. 

It hints of dried fruit with lemongrass and coffee after taste. The name gives away its origin as an Indonesian coffee grown on rich volcanic soil ideal for Arabica beans.

It’s a medium roast of a coffee bean that naturally has low acid content. Sumatra Mandheling is a specialty coffee that’s best for traditional coffee lovers who enjoy coffee’s darker notes. 

We also recommend this brand for people who need a coffee with a low acid content without sacrificing the quality in taste and texture. Even if you don’t fall among these coffee groups, you’ll agree that the volcanic soil offers a rich and smooth flavor that doesn’t sacrifice the body. 

The aroma has colorful notes of cocoa and spice. Besides, the acid Ph of 5.2 speaks to the earthy flavor in each cup. The best way to enjoy this coffee is as a cold brew or with a French press, especially without sugar. 

The only drawback is the price, but it’s worth every penny. In addition to Sumatra Mandheling, Volcanica sells other single-origin beans like Kopi Luwak, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Wicked Joe Coffee

Wicked Joe Organic Coffee isn’t the darkest ground coffee on this list. This Sumatra coffee originates from Indonesia – known for the exceptional quality of its volcanic soil. Medium brown with a hint of light at the edges. 

It’s a potent brew with hints of dark chocolate that lingers after a swig. The medium-dark roast tells the story of its origins in the verdant valleys of South America. This product combines a medium and dark blend that provides a citrus touch mixed with sweet caramel. 

The Arabica bean is produced under fair-trade rules, and you can be sure this coffee meets the strictest standards. The subtle body still produces a sharp flavor excellent for an espresso cup. 

Wicked Joe is affordable, unlike other brands on this list, and we didn’t have to dig too deep into our pockets to enjoy this brand. Another plus is the effort by the manufacturer to purchase beans that reduces the carbon footprint on the environment.

Lavazza Crèma e Gusto

Crema means fresh, and the Lavazza Crema e Gusto has excellent top notes, making it a pleasure to inhale. The taste is an explosion of boldness and depth – thanks to a combination of premium Arabica beans. 

The coffee beans are fantastic for espresso and are famous for their creamy freshness and smooth texture. Arabica beans are hardy and able to grow in many continents, but the best is produced in South America and Central America – where Lavazza sources most of its coffee. 

Let’s be clear; these beans are 100% Arabica from the highlands of Ethiopia to the lush dark forests of Colombia and Brazil. However, the blend goes even further to include various Robusta blends from Asia. 

We know Robusta has a bad rep, but there are levels to Robusta beans, and the mix in this Crema is one of the finest. Robusta is excellent for blends because it gives the coffee that extra oomph.  Check out our article to learn more about Arabica vs Robusta beans.

The flavor profile is unique and offers more Crema to the cup. Additionally, Robusta kicks like a mule, offering a higher caffeine content than most Arabica beans.

We enjoy the sweet afternotes of this full-bodied dark roast, making it a joy to drink. This coffee is perfect with a dash of milk to highlight the sweet taste. 

Moreover, Lavazza Crema makes for easy brewing and is packaged pre-ground or whole. We stand by the Lavazza brand because of its 120 years of experience handpicking the most premium coffee beans in the most delightful blends.

IIIy Classico Espresso

Another Italian blend graces this list in the form of the Illy Classico Espresso. Let’s face it, the market for espresso coffee is survival of the fittest. It takes a genuinely remarkable espresso brand to thrive. Illy Classico Espresso doesn’t just succeed; it flourishes. 

The company is one of the pioneers of espresso with its renowned coffee machines. Illy continues to lead the way today, changing the espresso landscape more than many other brands. 

We love how this ground coffee’s delicious, potent aroma invades the air and assaults the nose. Bitter espresso is the delight of a few, but this Classico blend is robust and tangy without being too bitter. 

We were taken aback by the natural flavor of these beans, with the lightest notes of citrus and caramel that enhances the coffee experience. 

It doesn’t surprise that this product contains nine unique Arabica blends from around the world with a mix of high and low notes. 

While many ground coffee brands mix random beans that clash on the tongue, Illy’s blend is intentional, judging by the delightful taste and texture. The coffee beans are a medium roast that provides a rich caramel taste with a chocolate smokiness that’s hard to ignore. 

Equally as important is the price. Most premium coffee blends cost an arm and a leg, but this coffee is affordable even for coffee lovers on a budget. The bold nutty flavor requires little cream, and we love the cans too!

Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass Blend

Kicking Horse Coffee kicks ass, period. It’s arguably the best coffee brand out of Canada, using only organic coffee beans to support Fairtrade Canada. 

In addition to the Smart Ass Blend, Kicking Horse has several top-of-the-line coffee products, including Light Roast, Hola Roast, Medium Roast, and Three Sisters Medium Roast. 

The cocoa powder aroma takes us to the forests of West Africa, with a scent that’s part vanilla bean and stone fruit. The medium roast gives off an earthy mouthfeel with undertones of sugarcane and red currant. 

The beans are African, Central, and South American – all 100% Arabica. Moreover, the beans have a lower acid level and provide an excellent shot of espresso that’s strong and bold. 

The company recommends cold brew and drip machines, but it tastes great no matter the method. This medium roast blend is more than a match for many coffee products at a similar price point. 

After getting the chance to brew this delicious roast, we enjoyed the texture and overall flavor. The oily flavors and aromas took our breath away and made for a fantastic brew. 

We were warned not to take this blend after 4 pm because the caffeine kicks ass, especially as a cold brew. While it ships in a bag, we recommend storing it in a container to preserve the oils and freshness.      

Jim’s Organic Coffee

Jim’s Organic Coffee is certified organic and is a light roast, 100% Arabica bean with a full-bodied ambrosian aroma that has a smoky taste. This product uses the best arabica beans from all over the world. 

Whole bean coffee gives you the luxury to grind to your liking and texture. It’s arguably the best whole bean we could find and is flavorful without hinting bitterness. It doesn’t have a powerful kick but gives us that gentle nudge to go about our day. 

While we’ve tried many blends over the years, none provides deep milk-chocolate notes like Jim’s Organic Coffee. It’s a kosher light roast with a perky taste that uplifts and excites. 

The coffee is as fresh as they come, and we recommend rolling the bag tight to remove trapped air and preserve the bean’s freshness. The only drawback with this product is the limited availability, and it’s only available in select stores.

La Colombe

La Colombe Corsica is a dark roast blend with beans from Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Brazil. The rounded chocolatey flavor is smooth with a texture that makes us crave an extra cup. Many dark roasts offer bitter coffee that bites but not La Colombe. 

It’s a refreshing blend with notes of spice and red wine and a full body that requires no cream to enjoy. However, the caffeine strength is surprising, with an average of 90 mg of caffeine per 8oz of coffee. 

The Arabica beans are of superior grade and suitable for the simplest brews. We loved the balance that makes this coffee a fantastic choice with a chocolate cookie or brownie. 

Moreover, it ships in an airtight bag that preserves its freshness, making it the most suitable choice for drip coffee. 

Like many designer coffees, La Colombe isn’t readily available at the local store. It’s hard to find and often unavailable at popular online stores. However, it’s worth the price and more affordable than many other gourmet coffee brands.

No Fun Jo: Organic Decaf Ground Coffee

No Fun Jo is arguably the best ground for coffee lovers who prefer their drink without caffeine. It’s 100% Arabica, U.S.D.A. certified organic and gluten-free. The medium dark roast hints at blueberries with a citrusy burst of flavor that’s amazing for decaf coffee. 

No Fun Jo uses the Swiss Water Process to remove 99.9% of the caffeine in a process that requires zero chemicals. Accordingly, this coffee contains zero additives and flavors naturally occurring in the beans. 

The coffee has low acidity, allowing us to drink a large amount with no side effects. It has a robust flavor that can pass for a regular blend –without the caffeine! The coffee has a delightful fragrance with a taste that pops and is enjoyable without sugar.

No Fun Joe is a Fair Trade partner supporting organic growing methods that benefit farmers and the environment. It’s worth mentioning the coarse grind of this coffee that makes it suitable for French press and drip. 

No Fun Joe is a delicious slap to the face that makes us come back for more. It isn’t overpriced and delivers on its tasty goodness.

New England Coffee Ground

New England Coffee Ground is a medium roast blend that provides excellent value per cup.

We tested the Breakfast Blend, which has a mild yet robust flavor. The rich aroma is a perfect alarm clock that instantly wakes you up no matter how groggy you feel. 

New England Coffee is a historic brand, and it’s no surprise the beans are certified organic. The Breakfast Blend consists of 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America and Africa. 

The manufacturer is a Fair-Trade participant to ensure your health is in safe hands. The Breakfast Blend has a mildness that makes it easy on the tummy. It’s the perfect coffee for people looking to take their foot off the gas and enjoy a long lazy day. 

While it doesn’t ship in a vacuum tin, the package is airtight to preserve the beans, and all that’s required is to store it in a cool, dry area to allow the ground beans to retain their flavor. 

Overall, New England coffee is the best bet for coffee drinkers who want great-tasting coffee without paying a king’s ransom.

Guide to Buying the Best Ground Coffee

The ground coffees above are premium products that offer excellent value. Consider the factors below if you prefer to shop further.

Coffee Region

Coffee has a different flavor that depends on the region it’s produced. Factors like sunshine levels, altitude, humidity, and soil type affect the taste and aroma.

  • Central America produces balanced coffee due to the high humidity and low altitudes. The coffee has sweet, nutty notes with a hint of chocolate.
  • South America is known for its acidic soil that produces coffee with a bite! The flavors are sharp, almost tangy, with a slight sweetness. 
  • African coffee has a savory-sweet taste because of the higher sunshine rate, which makes the beans a more decadent blend.
  • Indonesian coffee has a darker, more complex note that we attribute to the volcanic soil. The renowned Kopi Luwak is a product of Indonesia.  

Grind size

Ground coffee has different grind sizes, which affects the brew strength. Finer grinds tend to make a more potent brew and take a more extended period to steep. The three coffee ground sizes are listed below:

Coarse Grinds

Coarse Grinds are the largest pre-ground coffee suitable for a cold brew. It’s easier to filter and works well with a French Press.

Medium Grinds

Medium grinds are smaller than coarse grinds but still larger than fine grinds. It’s the perfect grind size to make drip-style coffee because the water flows through the filter quickly and does not clog up the grounds.

Fine Grinds

Fine grinds are the best for people with high-tech coffee machines to extract the maximum coffee per surface area. Fine grinds offer a bolder, robust flavor.


Coffee flavor stems from coffee bean oil. The oilier the beans, the more flavor it packs. This oil evaporates after a period which makes the coffee bland. Ground coffee is the easiest way to tell if it’s still fresh or stale. 

A strong aroma shows the coffee still retains its freshness, while a fainter smell means it’s probably flat. Storing the coffee in a vacuum-sealed container will prolong the freshness and slow the oil evaporation.

Type of Roast

Coffee has three roast types that are explained below:

  • Light Roast: This coffee roast makes it up to the first crack. The flavor profile is sharp with high acid content. Many single-origin coffee brands use light roasts to showcase the bean’s origins and unique flavors.
  • Medium Roast. This coffee type has a longer roast time with a rounded flavor that shows the uniqueness of the beans with that roast flavor we know and love. It also has a low acid content with nutty caramel notes.
  • Dark Roast: This coffee roasts the longest time and works best as a blend. Dark roast is bittersweet and has the lightest acid content of any roast. 


The label on the packaging means a lot and determines how your pre-ground coffee is produced. Some popular labels include:

  • Fair Trade Certified: Fair Trade means the coffee farmers receive a fair price for their produce. Free trade prices fluctuate, which can cause coffee farmers to earn less than what it takes to produce the coffee beans. Fairtrade ensures farmers always get paid well regardless of the free trade price.
  • C.A.F.E.: This acronym means Coffee And Farmer Equity. This label shows the coffee beans were grown under sustainable methods, and the farmers received fair value for their produce.
  • Certified Organic: This label means coffee beans were grown without synthetic and harsh chemicals, including pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Rainforest Alliance: Many coffee producers use the slash and burn technique. The Rainforest Alliance ensures the coffee you’re drinking is not at the cost of deforestation.


If you want the best pre-ground coffee, look no further than Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee. It’s a delicious coffee that gives a bounce to your step without hurting the stomach. Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee shows it’s possible to get the best brew without harming the environment or sacrificing aroma, flavor, or taste. 

It’s ethically sourced, has zero additives, and is excellently priced. Still, all the pre-ground coffee brands on this list taste great with a value that’s a bang for your buck!

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have a few questions. These are the answers to some F.A.Q.s!

The Downside of Ground Coffee

Ground coffee has its benefits, but the major drawback is the loss of flavor. Coffee lovers enjoy the brew for the taste, and ground coffee readily goes stale, which means a loss of all the aromas, oils, and flavors that make for a delicious cup of coffee. 

Another downside to ground coffee is the size. Most ground coffee comes in espresso or filter, limiting the brewing method and possibilities. A fresh whole-bean roast provides a depth of flavor ground coffee will struggle to match.

Why Buy Ground Coffee?

Convenience is the primary reason to buy ground coffee. Ground coffee is readily available at the local store and is easier to preserve than whole beans. 

Moreover, this coffee type ships in various brands, comes in different flavors, and is easy to prepare. We can skip the process of grounding the beans, which eats into our time and prevents us from going about our day. 

The only step is to scoop the correct amount, put it in the coffeemaker, and the coffee is ready to drink. Grind coffee is also cheaper because it makes it a moot point to own or purchase a coffee grinder which can be expensive for a decent machine. 

In sum, ground coffee saves time, money, and energy.

When Does Ground Coffee Go Bad?

Ground coffee goes rancid when heat, light, moisture, or air exposure. The coffee quickly goes stale and has a short lifespan when stored properly. Buy smaller quantities to get the best out of each brew. 

What Is The Best Way To Store Ground Coffee?

Ground coffee will lose its flavor when exposed to oxygen, so it’s best kept in an airtight container, preferably vacuum-sealed, to preserve its freshness.

Moreover, this coffee type hates sunlight and prefers a cool dark area like the pantry or opaque container. Never store the beans in the fridge; condensation buildup will destroy the coffee’s flavor and texture.

Can You Use Pre-ground Coffee for Cold Brew?

Pre-ground coffee is the best coffee for a cold brew. However, you’ll need the coarsest ground coffee because finer grinds can turn pasty with a harsh and bitter flavor. Coarse pre-ground coffee is easy to filter and makes for a smoother coffee texture.

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